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Maria Shashkova Belly Dance 2011

  1. she's a lovely dancer and I like how her body moves.. but
    the costume is not very flattering for her body shape..
    plus she's frequently tugging at it.
  2. Just mentioning because of the comments I've been reading
    here about Maria having had kidney surgery and being prone
    to bloating... and wondered whether she has been living
    somewhere out near mountains, a well or a spring? Because
    kidney stones, gall stones, calcification and lots of
    health problems result from drinking hard mineralised
    water, spring water or deep well water. And salt (which
    causes water retention), is actually a drug. Great dancer
    with marvellous moves.
  3. Nope and I am sorry, but you are struggling with your
  4. The costume did more problems than it helped. She's got a
    lovely body, I don't see why she didn't just wear a more
    classic dress or bra/skirt combination instead of the
    clubwear toga thing she chose. It's very distracting as a
    bellydancer to watch a great dance take place that is
    getting spoiled by fidgets of clear discomfort instead of
    being able to focus on the dance entirely. 
  5. The lady is beautiful but I have seen much more seductive
    belly dancing
  6. A woman without a belly is like a rose without smell!
  7. woahhhh amazing, love this every second of it ,
  8. waaaaaawwwwwww top <3 jdr <3 un peu 2 régime ca te ferai du
    b1 :P 
  9. Самая лучшая!!!!The best dancer!!!
  10. she sucks that's not the way to do belly dance; i hope she
    was doing it in russia this way the dance looks good to
    them. they want a real one, get an arabic belly dancer and
    she show them what belly dance is all about. 
  11. oh, so beautiful
  12. love watching those big melons jiggle as she dances!
  13. molto bella
  14. I'm definately in love with you Maria ♥♥♥, every step,
    every attitude, every detail (even the costume) make you
  15. Потрясающе ! 
  16. she is fantastic. Ahhhh
  17. Shes fat now omg, she used to hv nice body
  18. What is the name of this song?
  19. What is the movement she does at 4:15? I've seen lots of
    shimmies, vibrations, friezes, etc., but I've never seen
    anyone move quite like that before. She can really shake a
    tail feather! I notice that her right heel is lifted off
    the floor for the duration of the movement.
  21. The difference between Maria in her 2009 Shik, Shak, Shok
    video and this one is staggering, in this video she appears
    to be an entirely different girl. The energy level, the
    entire performance really. 
  22. hermosa!
  23. Esta Chica si que tiene un estilo propio me fascino su danza
    es realmente diferente, es especial ;)
  24. amazing!


10.92 min
User rating: 4.3116474/5
Username: Aw Jaan
Views on youtube: 699676

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