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PSY- Gangnam Style (Official Music Video)

  1. gangam style
  2. What a crock of pure shit, I can't believe people throw
    millions at this. What has this world come too?.
  3. Aww i miss my baby Cedric,he like this song and hold his
    chin while dancing cute my boy ^_^
  4. Boy! I learned the hard way not to listen to this on the bus
    here in Chicago, less folks break out into the Harlem
    shake. Everyone on the bus was ready to go!!! :-)
  5. the only "thing" S. Korea ever had.....
  6. Time to start the biggest comment war EVER!!!! Illegal
    immigrants Gay marriage Racism Capital
    punishment Bronies Bullying Miley Cyrus, BEGIN!!!!!
  7. english or chinese? 
  8. I know y'all came here for Gangnam Style, but after you
    enjoy the dancing, could you check out the music on my
    channel? I'm an Underground Hip-Hop artist trying to get my
    name out there! My music is on Pandora, too.
  9. this shit is too damn funny .i bet korean people do crazy
    shit like this every new theme song
  10. now i understand the hillywood show of breaking dawn pt2!
    the car and elevator parts i mean
  11. Le ti son lé bon
  12. Gook, white power, the ku klux klan is back and stronger
    than ever piss ape skinned yellow faggots. Go back to
  13. Wow, Gangnam Style is the most viewed video of ALL time!
    congrats on your success Psy! i look forward to seeing
    another dance and hearing more work from you.. as a
    tribute, check out my own rendition of Psy's popular hit!
    peace & respect
  14. oh my the fagots and their dances, hahahah So ridicoulos.
  15. Rule #1. Don't walk past mirrors in the dark. Rule #2. Don't
    leave any doors open when you go to bed tonight Rule #3.
    Knowing all 3 rules makes you a player. Thank you for your
  16. Tıkla
  17. esto ya muchos lo conocen no bueno es para los que no lo
  18. Dumm, doof, verrückt 
  19. voll aut 
  20. This is still funny 6+ months after it was popular
  21. i think he needs to get bigger 
  22. Wow really babe...


5.05 min
User rating: 4.0810843/5
Username: DanceGangnamStyle
Views on youtube: 26081575

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