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No bodies, just body parts, NBC, 08:49, 9/13

  1. notice how this video shows no proof of molten steel.
  2. Would be very interesting to see an opinion poll about how
    many people believe 9/11 was a conspiracy by (1) CIA/Al
    Qaeda or (2) CIA/Mossad Either way it's an inside job. LOL
    Either that or the CIA is out of control... I guess that
    must be if they are financed predominantly by drug money...
    Makes me think there is more to the idea that the JFK
    assassination was a coup..
  3. Talk bout lung cancer o_O
  4. I'm so sick of seeing 9/11 truthers posting their idiotic
    comments on every single 9/11 related video on youtube. It
    wasn't a conspiracy. All of your arguments are filled with
    logical fallacies. Now get out of your mothers basements
    and go find something else to obsess over than your ignorant
  5. Why can't humans just love eachother? i might sound hippie
  6. The Highest
    Treason Substantiated Conclusions drawn from the evidence in
    the September 11, 2001 killings at the Pentagon Part 1 By
    Dick Eastman 6-25-9
  7. 343 firefighters were killed and 75 police officers were
    killed but get this....they set up treage directly under
    the north tower and the..get this....the people who built
    the world trade center anticipated a plane crash into the
    tower but they didnt anticipate a fire inside the building
    now thats just dumb cause a plane has gallons and gallons
    of fuel and when the planes crashed they blew up.....duh
  8. molten steel, !!, more like molten Alloys from Plane parts
    that ended up in that corner. Did anyone ACTUALLY get a
    sample just before the Bld collapsed ?, no, so drop the
    steel bullshit - please. 
  9. While smart ass people thinking about conspiracy, the real
    enemies of America is lurking and smiling wide. Don't be
    fooled, Osama bin Laden's gang members and all the Jihadis
    will not stop until the America destroyed. That is the
    truth. I was shocked when the tragedy happened, most of the
    Pakistani people were celebrating. I was there. it's the
    truth, they said it was nice to see America suffers.
  10. Megan no has zero critical thinking ability and is willing
    to accept that a government that has lied to us about
    vietnam, wmds, operation northwoods etc... is telling us
    the truth about this event... Fuck off you fucking bozo
  11. Mystery of planes in 911 attack. All three planes took long
    loop route to escape radar coverage, through radar gap It
    is true that planes had taken off from airport, then
    disappeared during the radar gap looping. Most probably
    hijacked by military plane and landed underground and
    passengers dissappear forever or may be petrifying in
    underground jail in remote place. What we see in video are
    not real passanger plane, either photoshop or remote
    controlled military drone
  12. Everything was normal.
  13. Bitch, did u see the other dudes comment? (AmericaBass since
    ur such an idiot).
  14. A dignified post in this stormy arena. Alas there are
    truthers who claim no-one died that day; the falling
    victims were CGI; the voices to loved ones that haunt us
    were faked. So unfortunately unity for this tragedy is
    impossible. But that is unavoidable in a society where to
    speak freely is a right; the most fundamental, i believe.
    Indeed a sad day for your country, and to us all; an attack
    on one who loves freedom is an attack on us all.
  15. You cant even spell a simple word like "follow" correct.So
    you of all people should talk about someone's spelling ya
    jackass.And all I did was point that out ya dumb drip
    snot.And another thing, to show how retarded you really
    are, the attacks on 9/11 took place on American soil, New
    York, Washington, & Pennsylvania.So that IS a sad day in
    American history.But hell, if ya cant spell a simple word
    like "follow" correct, then of course your to stupid to
    know geography.You suck, ya silly bastard.
  16. When was this filmed
  17. I would have to say no to that.But then again, in a war do
    we really ever have a winner?
  18. Its the 11th, not the 10th
  19. last normal day
  20. I like to call these comments "The Attempt" to make me feel
    bad about myself.
  21. You're welcome - wasnt that hard to figure out hehe ;-)
  22. I think he meant 10th - the day before all this happened.
  23. do you think the people who got killed by american bombers
    (I think of all COLLATERAL DAMAGE) look different ?
  24. A very sad day for america... ):
  25. Well you said in one of your post that ya know what I think,
    so that said, you must know that I think your a jackass ya
    silly little bastard.And I'm way more educated than you
    ever will be dumbo, cos at least I know how to spell.Plus I
    can add to.Which you must not know how to do cos you didn't
    give me the answer to the math question I gave ya.I would
    end this by saying kiss my ass, but hell, you would love to
    do that, but I don't swing that way ya goofy bacon lip, pie
    crusted asshole.!!!!!


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No bodies, just body parts, NBC, 08:49, 9/13




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