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Filipina American Love Story- Part II

  1. Sweet <3 <3
  2. nice .........
  3. like this video. I'm happy for you guys.
  4. Very inspiring video.God bless..
  5. Wow I'm happy for you sis god bless more and more !
  6. just seen your video and lovely to see two ppl in love all
    the best and may god bless the two off u ok
  7. Where did you guys meet?
  8. God is good all the time!!
  9. i really admire you guys very nice couple ... stay inlove
    for the rest of your life ... god bless you 
  10. Pretty lady. Good luck to both of you. I fly to see my
    Filipina girlfriend in a few days.
  11. They marry for green cards and money and not for your heart.
    We don't need anymore people from different countries in
    the U.S. 
  12. thanks for sharing your video!:) I wish I could also make
    one to dedicate to mu hubby but I really don't have any
    idea how to start :( this video almost made me cry,I'm
    struggling emotionally for my husband being too far while
    waiting for my visa...happy for you two stay in love and may
    God bless you more!!!
  13. i love this video it so amazing and congrats both of you.
  14. like it,,,, 
  15. God bless you guys! you're sooo sweet together! uhm, do you
    know Daniel Eric Johnson? He's born and raised in North
    Dakota... He's my bf now but we haven't met in person yet..
  16. Wow very nice video,.sana next video nyo is with your baby
    n.stay happy and inlove! God bless your family!
  17. very nice video! congrats! God bless :)
  18. how long did it take for the process? is it very expensive?
    I met a Filipina 6 months ago she wants to come and live
    with me in America but I don't make very much money.
  19. Wow amazing
  20. so inlove both. youre so lucky to have him
  21. What a nice love story. I have seen all your videos..happy
    for you girl. ^_^
  22. ang O A mo
  23. love you two. a beautiful couple.
  24. So inlove U both... i miss my honey too ... God Bless U
  25. a very loving husband and wife..u deserved each other.. it
    really inspired me..hope i can find a good one also...god
    bless u all..


10.38 min
User rating: 4.813084/5
Username: Jade Johnson
Views on youtube: 19074

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Our Journey Together as Husband and Wife




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