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Documentary Movies - The King of Las Vegas - Steve Wynn

  1. Hell yeah,,, Vegas baby.. Love my city
  2. Great man. This is why capitalism works. You can come from
    nothing and get everything.
  3. I wish Steve Wynn would join the other billionaires who have
    donated half their wealth to charity - that would inspire
    alot of happiness, I mean what can you do with 600 Million
    that you couldn't do with 300?. 
  4. Wow, I could only imagine if someone else had elbowed his
    painting!! That person would be taking a dirt nap in the
    desert lol. 
  5. The best quote I've ever heard about gambling was that it is
    fundamentally repetitive, if you win you think 'I want to
    win more', or if you lose you think 'I want to win my money
    back'. It's a self-perpetual cycle. 
  6. Steve Wynn has been, and continues to be, the only true
    visionary in the gaming business. A chance meeting with him
    at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City shortly after it opened,
    gave me the opportunity to speak with and be enlightened by
    this genius. It was unforgettable... this is the leader of
    this huge industry.
  7. Great video, wynn is one of the classiest hotel resort I've
    ever seen. Thank you so much for posting! Las Vegas; Inside
    Wynn Hotel and Casino (encore) 永利 赌场
    拉斯維加斯 ウィンカジノ
  8. Love Wynn...visionary first and businessman second. His type
    innovates and the mediocre Marty McGillicuddies imitate.
  9. A young lad taking over the family business and paying off
    he late fathers $350,000 debts. Legend 
  10. Seems to be really such a respectable man. But what really
    is happening inside the Wynn or working for Wynn is another
    story. I will never visit Wynn Resort anymore. 
  11. all that money but he can't see properly, that's where the
    money can't get you a second life, you get 1 shot and
    that's about it. health worth 100000 times more than
    billion of dollars.
  12. T bad that you are a retard
  13. who is frank senatra?
  14. It cost more than US$2.3 billions??? You bet!! Talking about
    money certainly cost more than US$5
  15. wow you seem a little bitter. the statistics i think would
    tell otherwise. Vegas is moving to more of a high end
    shopping and resort town and away from gambling as the main
    source of income.
  16. Too bad that Las Vegas is not a welthy town. I see a lot
    misery here, not just from the gambling loss but from the
    improvished neighborhoods.
  17. 20/20 Shayna The aim the pitch good eyes, good hands, good
    ears good face! beautiful beautiful! guinn/sharif
  18. too bad that Steve Wynn is a republicunt who declared
    bankruptcy and came out smelling like a rose. Corporate
    welfare=ok by him.
  19. Really seems like a good hearted guy, right on!
  20. they both frequent the same plastic surgeon
  21. awfully disturbing banners
  22. just goes to show that money is nothing without your health
  23. I'll actually use this clip as a definition of journalism
    going down the tubes. A pure PR-stunt for Wynn's casinos.
    Nothing on the floor people losing their jobs. Nothing on
    the gambling problems Wynn creates. Families falling apart
    and Charlie Rose (one of the most profiled journalists in
    america) doesn't give a single shit.
  24. he seems like a really cool man in every interview i have
    seen with him he seems down to earth and just absolutely
    loves what he does. he builds these giant hotels and
    resorts because he loves to do so and the money is just a
    bonus. or at least that is the way he comes of to me.
  25. I'm ahead


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A story about Steve Wynnis an American casino resort/real-estate developer
If you're looking for a good casino to start, I'd recommend Rushmore which gives you $888 free welcome bonus:

A story about Steve Wynnis an American casino resort/real-estate developer who played a pivotal role in the 1990s resurgence and expansion of the Las Vegas Strip. His companies refurbished or built what are now widely recognized resorts in Las Vegas, including the Golden Nugget, The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn, and Encore.




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