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Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 9 &10 Weeks Old

  1. Why are you keeping them in wire cages!! Their feet gets
    sore from being on the wire ALL day!! Please give them a
    proper bedding!! I know u're raising them for meat but
  2. What do you use to mark their ears?
  3. @janice strausburg- They are live stock. Nothing more. Human
    life has significantly more importance than rabbit life. We
    are the pinnacle of creation. They did not look over
    crowded and appeared to be a clean environment. They also
    appear to be completely organic. 
  5. Are you sure those are New Zealand rabbits? Those look like
    Florida Whites. I have New Zealand Rabbits and they are
    huge... My buck weighs in at 12 Lbs to 15 Lbs...My Female
    weighs 15 to 18 Lbs...@ 11 weeks they should be around 6
    lbs...My Florida Whites always about 4 Lbs @11 weeks and the
    adults are around 6 to 9 lbs.
  6. Their mom is a rescue rabbit and I have no plans on eating
  7. How many times do you breed your does a year?
  8. The hardware cloth is holding up alright, at the time I
    bought it it was all I can find. If I make more i think
    i'll go with a thicker gauge with these larger breed
  9. No, the mother is a rescue that someone found in the wild
    and I adopted and the father is a purebred without papers I
    bought from an elderly lady that has been raising rabbits
    for a very long time.
  10. Nice set up. Just subbed. I used to raise them as a kid but
    am thinking of getting back into it. Thanks!
  11. How do you weigh the rabbits?
  12. They are looking so big now!
  13. Is it safe to put a bucks male children in the cage with him
    after 6 weeks?
  14. Ok thanks again
  15. bedding?? is california?? LOL these rabbits will be plenty
    warm in california. rabbits are COMFORTABLE and prefer near
    freezing temperature. unless there's snow on the ground,
    they need nothing more then rain protection. it's actually
    more of a sin to raise them in california than alaska. at
    least in alaska they have a chance to cool off rather than
    die of heat stroke.
  16. I usually do two back to back breedings during fall/winter
    and give them a break the rest of the year. Rabbits can
    handle a lot more that's just my preference.
  17. my new zealand buck is 14 weeks and he is just above 4
    pounds is this normal.
  18. Thank you for voicing your opinion, I shall cherish it
  19. Great cage set up. Howse the wire cloth holding up. I built
    some stand alone cages/hutches and the wire cloth is coming
    undone. You might consider keeping a second buck for
    survival purposes. In survival circles, one is none. What's
    your wild life like? I think racoons could get that cage
  20. Also if you could what size are your cages?
  21. I let my New Zealand rabbit run free in the yard
  22. The nutritional value of rabbits and the benefits of eating
    them are tremendous compared to other protein sources.
    Eating them is the ultimate form of success and
    appreciation of all they have given us.
  23. Yumm
  24. Can you put the males in with each other? I thought they
  25. Or your hutches?


2.98 min
User rating: 4.3333335/5
Username: BackyardUrbanFarmer
Views on youtube: 46761

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Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.




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